Core Technologies

AuraSource’s intellectual property portfolio includes ultrafine grinding and separation processes, which enable the production of high value feedstock and a further reduction in cost for several industrial applications.

Ultrafine Grinding Technology

AuraSource’s ultrafine grinding technology utilizes a fluid shock wave to grind slurry materials into an ultrafine scale. The shock wave is generated when a pressurized (5-30Mpa) slurry passes through a grinding chamber. The shock wave carries a large amount of energy which creates strong shear, collision and cavitation effects thus causing particles in the slurry reduce to an ultrafine size. As a result, when used in conjunction with coal water slurry grinding, the coal water slurry can be effectively pulverized and its fluidity improved. The energy consumption of this technology is 70% less than that of the conventional ball mill process.

Separation Technology

AuraSource’s ultrafine separation technology separates particles with different densities in an ultrafine slurry. The minimum particle size for conventional jigging and heavy media cycling is 0.2mm which makes it difficult to remove inorganic minerals. The settling velocity of particles in the slurry becomes very low under normal gravity when particles are fine. Particles settling may even stop due to interaction force between particles and disturbances caused by ultrafine particles in the slurry. Therefore, conventional coal preparation equipment doesn’t work. This technology enables particles separation by applying a large amount of gravity force. Thus impurities and unwanted substances (such as ash or sulfur in coal) can be removed.

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